What is content marketing and what are its types?

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Perhaps you have heard the phrase “content marketing” many times and have wondered what it is?

Content marketing is the most accurate stop when it comes to increasing your brand awareness, generating leads, gaining their trust, and of course, increasing profits.

Content marketing is considered the least expensive and effortless method of marketing, because it is a strategy that revolves around building content for your brand using the Internet.

Because it also works to increase brand awareness by developing and distributing useful and informative content to your audience.

Before searching for types of content marketing, you must first understand its concept.

So, in this article, we will review what content marketing is and what are its types?

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is known as a form of marketing that depends on the use of content in marketing and reaching a new segment of customers who are present on various Internet platforms.

And trying to gain their trust and transform them from mere potential customers into real customers. The matter does not stop there, but rather this type of marketing aims to form good customer relationships.

And reaching advanced levels of customer loyalty, they themselves become a good marketing channel for you and your business.

What are the types of content marketing?


Your company has a blog on your website that matches your products, services and target market, to attract potential customers who are looking for solutions to problems they face and solve them in your business.

Blogging improves your SEO, visibility and is a low-cost way to increase traffic to your website.

When you start writing on a blog, you should keep some points in mind:

  • Developing a good content strategy does not start from scratch, but rather results from research, scrutiny, and study of competitors and what your audience desires.
  • Use the opening words in writing titles in a correct and interesting way. This has a significant impact on increasing the number of visits and improving search engines (SEO), which will push you to appear at the top of the search.
  • Keep your content focused and relevant to what your product offers and solves your audience's problems.

In order for your chances of appearing to be higher, you must take into account the number of words in the blog, as the average number of words in a blog is 1,142 words.

But long-form content still has the lion's share, with the number of words reaching 3,000 words, and thus the chance of appearing higher on search engines and making it easier for your customers to find you.


Videos are one of the most engaging and interactive types of content, as they spread quickly among people, are interacted with, and retained.

Videos are one of the most widely used content methods, because you can diversify the video content that you present to your customers about your field of work, your products, and its importance and benefits.

It shares all the updates in the form of interesting and fun videos, making them want to see more and follow.


Graphs are interesting content that draws attention to the drawings and consistency of the written words. The graph is well suited for displaying statistics and results in an easy and simple way, as if it were a complete painting that pleases the eye.

The platforms most used for infographics are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which is closely aligned with the social media platform Instagram because its audience strongly prefers images.

Case study case study:

Case study content is the most effective content, because it displays a real user experience and customers see real people presenting their experience with the company's products.

It was benefited positively and how the product impacted the life of a customer who was facing a problem and the solution to that problem was finally found thanks to the company's product.


E-books are one of the most valuable ways to give your customers information, benefit from them, and gain their trust and loyalty permanently. They are not a commercial advertisement for your company, services, or what you offer.

A form can be filled out by anyone who wishes to download the book, as the data will help you precisely define your audience and know what they would like to include in your future plans.

User-generated content:

The content of the case study is characterized by credibility and transparency, because those who will do it are your customers themselves, and they will share it on social media platforms.

This aims to display your products and services differently, and how your company has positively impacted the lives of your customers, which prompts your audience to be interested in your products and turn to your company.


It is considered one of the most attractive and widespread forms of content marketing. This is because it is an image containing text that expresses a position, but in a funny way.

Memes circulate quickly on social media, due to their compatibility with social media campaigns.

Testimonials and customer reviews:

Customer testimonials and opinions are among the most effective and rapidly spreading content. This is because your customers do it themselves. They talk briefly and quickly about the advantages of your company and what they get back from using the company’s products.


Using influencers is important in increasing awareness of your brand, promoting advertising campaigns, and increasing their spread among the audience and followers.

It will be a great gain for your brand, because it turns potential customers into real customers, thus increasing confidence in your company and making your brand sparkling and present in the customer’s mind.

Finally, content marketing is a good way to increase awareness of your brand, increase their trust in you, and establish loyalty towards your brand.

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