Our Team

A professional team is always at your service

The team at Aikon is distinguished by its diversity and professionalism, as it includes a multi-talented group of engineers, developers, designers, and product managers.

Team members have diverse backgrounds and rich experience in areas such as artificial intelligence, mobile app development, user interface design, and cybersecurity. They are distinguished by their spirit of innovation and passion for developing innovative technical solutions to customer problems and improving their experience.

Aikon operates in a team spirit and cooperation, and team members constantly strive to achieve their goals jointly. They are distinguished by their commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety in all their products and services, and are always ready to face technological challenges and provide effective and innovative solutions to their customers.

Ahmed Mahmoud Khafaji

Company Director

Walaa Ahmed Dalash

Company Director Deputy

Ahmed Mamdouh Ghazi

Team Leader

Adel Mohsen Labib

Senior Mobile Developer

Ahmad yosra

Front-end web developer

أحمد غازي

Full Stack Web Developer

زياد علي

Front-end web developer

مصطفى ممدوح غازي

IT Specialist

مروة بسيوني

Graphic Designer

سلمى عبد الستار

Social Media Specialist

نيرمين رزق

Social Media Specialist

عبد الرحمن أحمد منيع

Media Buyer